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shine like the sun

How many times have your heard, "You'll feel better if you smile!" or "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!" I've heard these from well-meaning people the majority of my life.

The thing is, it really is a matter of mindset but it's not as simple as plastering a fake grin on your face or pulling yourself out of a difficult time by pure will. I know this from experience. I learned how to transform my thoughts from negative, anxiety-riddled ones to positive, peaceful ones. It took time working with loving, caring professionals and Real Love.

Our brains are wonderfully plastic. We can prune old neural pathways and strengthen new ones through practice. I'm passionate about sharing these skills and teaching people how to empower themselves and shine brightly.

I did this. You can too. Let me show you how.


about jenny

Specializing in strengthening self-esteem, breaking down road blocks and building loving relationships with partners, family, friends and children, I am an Erickson International certified coach with 136 training hours and 100 hours in psychodrama training. I also have 5 years of experience in Real Love with 3 years of mentorship by my Real Love coach. I'm pleased to be offering a 2-month Real Love group starting July 30 through Sept 17! 

Image by Jirasin Yossri
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